moonlight flight - The official track for Moonlight Eventos in Alcochete Portugal

by Astro-GOYA (a TSG- The Same Guy project)



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ASTRO-GOYA is one nick in the body of TSG-The Same Guy aka Peter Johansson. Who has been up to rather a lot over the last 20 years so to save you having to wade through the whole history Iv put the just the core here:

At his early years he was listen to Pink Floyd, Jeothro Tall, Jean Michel Jarre, Mike Oldfield, that was the inspiration and what's sounded in his head. In the mid-late 80és he started to make music on a step sequencer from Roland. Worked for awhile at a record company and also spend time in the background helping new talent's to get the first touch of there musical trips.

In the beginning of the 90s he started to poke with computer based solution and also a the favourite toy Juno 106. Still with others and in different constellations then going solo.The rave scene in mid -Sweden was the field and also as worm-up to bands like Est-17 within the constellation of Spaceophobia. He also run a larger member-club with some friends. Then as for many people that was in the scene in late 90és came a break.

The mean time went to studies of Complexity and work in the re-shaping of organizations.

The Brake lasted until 2005 when the launch of the track Piano-Girl gave birth to the embryo of what became Astro-Goya.

ASTRO-GOYA is about the inspiration of ethnic music combined with PsyTrance/Trance in slower tempo. It got its today gestalt during 2008. It also might be said that it was the "first phase" and will go into "phase two" in late 2011. That with a planed release with several other artists from around the globe on a Ethnic PsyTranc Trance VA.

TSG- The Same Guy also includes genre minimal, DarkPsy and FreeForm Psy. But more about that on the TSG site. more:...............


released April 5, 2011



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